Fun Ways To Lose Weight

by Guest Author

We’ve heard it all before – the simple formula. The only way to lose weight is by eating well and exercising. Yes, we know! But if you ask me, pounding a treadmill while staring a wall in a gym just doesn’t inspire me to do a great deal.

Personally, I love fresh food, love my veggies, absolutely adore fish and grilled meats. But exercise – it has to be fun if I’m going to do it. With this in mind I went off a few years ago and found fun ways to exercise that actually became completely addictive for me! I’m going to share this list here.


Football (soccer for anyone from the US) is a great paced game and there are opportunities for men and women to get involved. The nature of the team game means that there’s a social element as well, which makes it all the more fun. It doesn’t matter what your ability is, either. There are leagues and tournaments around catering to all abilities and all you really need is shorts, T-shirt and trainers!


There are so many different styles of dance! It’s one of the most diverse ways to lose weight. If you’re not into ballroom, maybe you’d like belly dancing and if that doesn’t do it for you then try Street Dance. There are facilities online that enable you to find out what classes are on in your area and I will bet you there are more than you’d imagined!

Whatever your level, you will probably be able to find one to suit. Particularly for us girls, dragging your friends along can turn it into a really fun night and it’s the type of thing you can even do at home or in a club on a Friday night! You don’t necessarily need to invest in expensive dancewear or anything like that! Some clothing that you’re comfy in is absolutely fine to get started.

Of course, if it turns out that you’re a natural born groover and you end up going all pro on us, then you might want to rethink the tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt and get into some glitzy costumes for your International tournaments! But for most of us, comfy footwear, pants and a t-shirt is absolutely fine. The good news? Depending on the style of dance, you could burn off anything up to 600 calories in a one hour session!!

Climbing and Abseiling

A favorite past time of mine! This one isn’t as cheap to partake in as you’ll need to join a club to learn what you are doing and hire the safety equipment. It’s also not great for those without a head for heights. But if you give this a try you will find it’s strangely addictive! You can go traveling to some great climbing places and experience views that nobody could ever experience from ground level too, which makes the experience all the more rewarding.


Walking can be fun depending on the company! Are you one of those people always complaining that you’ve no time to catch up with friends? Then make time. Set aside a morning and take a friend walking with you. Catching up doesn’t have to mean going for a coffee and a cake. Walk out into the countryside or down by a river or canal. You’ll find that walking at a brisk pace will wake you up for the day and also gives you a great opportunity to have a proper gossip with a friend!

Get Between the Sheets

We couldn’t possibly talk about fun ways to lose weight without mentioning bedroom acrobatics, could we!? But I don’t think that requires any elaboration…

Committing to exercise is all about finding something you enjoy. We set ourselves up for failure by trying to force ourselves into an activity we hate with a passion. Find something fun and you’ll find you’ve far more chance of successfully committing to it.

Guest post by Stacey of Dancewear Central.

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