3 Twitter Tools to Keep Your Fit and Healthy

by Guest Author

Guest Post by Eric from TreadmillsForSaleHQ.com

It is funny how many various awesome online tools there are around the web and we have no clue about most of them. This post is for those Internet geeks who (despite their spending the whole day in front of the computers) still want to be healthy and look good.

Ok, so do you Tweet a lot? Do you Tweet at all? I guess you do, so let me show you three twitter tools that will motivate you to keep fit while never interrupting your Tweeting.

1. Exercise While Working

This little Twitter bot is just a genius idea. I am surprised the concept is not that popular so far (judging from the number of followers). The Twitter profile tweets a random office workout every 30 minutes.

You can thus follow it and get reminded of short exercises. It is so hard to remember to have a break from working and just look around that this idea just seems invaluable. I wish it could also send a DM, as it is harder to miss!

Office Workout

If you follow it long enough to remember all the workouts and need more variety, send the bot your suggested exercise by tweeting [suggest @OfficeWorkout your exercise here] and it will be included in the stream.

2. Track Your Weight

It is so easy to forget to learn your today’s weight. Even if you remember to measure it, it is so boring and “dis”-motivational to just take some regular notes to track your weight.

Things get much more fun when you do that with Twitter. Weight Loss Charts is the tool that:

  • Allows you to record your weight by sending it via Twitter DM;
  • Monitors your weight and allows to access the stats any time by logging in to the site;
  • Creates handy charts for you to track your progress.
  • Sends you a Twitter reminder if you forget to send your weight (via a DM):

Weight loss charts

Losing weight seems much more motivational this way, doesn’t it? Just register at the site and follow @weightmon (Gtalk is also supported by the way)!

Weight loss charts

3. Quit Smoking

Qwitter is a Twitter support group that helps you quit smoking! It lets you:

  • Monitor the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.
  • Evaluate your progress over time.
  • Find support from random Twitterers.

Each time you light up, send Qwitter the number of cigarettes you just smoked by sending a public reply to @iquit.


Are there any Twitter-based tool that you use to keep fit and healthy? Do you think such tools might turn useful?

The guest post is by Eric who has recently started a website on treadmills for sale.

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